HARLEM NIGHTS MUSIC started in the early 90s, with just a Casio SK1 toy sampler, tuning sampled sounds with a screwdriver into the keyboard, overdubbing cassette tapes to compose tracks. Nowadays it's an all analog synthesizer studio, cooperating with various professional artists and labels.

In the past I’ve gone anywhere from classical music composition to speedrock, from experimental to acidhouse, nowadays I focus on EARLY EIGHTIES ELECTRO. Dance and funk are my roots; as a kid I was touched by the vibe of early 80s synthesizer music from Ultravox, Patrick Cowley, Imagination and other electro artists. I rediscovered the works of bands like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Beatles later, playing with songs on an 1880 Kuyper piano, focusing on their compositional techniques and tricks. I learned to play drums by renowned Hans Cleuver from 60s-70s rock band Focus.


In 2009 I started a
Youtube channel about classic 80s drummachine beats. Producers like Patrick Cowley, Gino Soccio, Giorgio Moroder and Bobby Orlando are honoured here. The series started as a self study, emulating beats by ear from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Hazell Dean, Human League and others, just with a Korg Electribe S MKII sampler, filled with Linndrum samples. After a very nice public response, I upgraded to a Korg Electribe SX (ESX) with more features. Other Roland TR-808 and Oberheim DMX series were added, again recreating drums and synth sounds by ear. At the time only a Roland Juno 106 and Boss SE50 fx were used to emulate all classic synth sounds.

More vintage synths followed, also more video fx were added to the films. A Roland CR78 series followed with many beloved tracks, a TR-707 house tracks series and more to come.

This led me to a lot of contacts with other producers and performers. Still occasionally releasing to youtube, lately I'm focusing on new original tracks and collaborations, using all classic analog synthesizers, keeping the same 80's style. Check iTunes and Soundcloud!

Many thanks to all fans and friends!

OUT NOW: EP 'SUPERMAN" with Paul Parker, the original singer with Patrick Cowley!


Check out the 80's beats section for beatloops released with
Zenhiser in Australia. These are meticulously reproduced sets of beats representative for every year, spanning from early new wave & hip hop to oldschool house. The series is meant for other producers and DJs, so we can keep that 80s style alive in new music.

Custom beats for cover bands and producers are possible. Use the contact form if interested.