80s Beats

80's Drumloops Galore! Here's the revival beat catalogue that I programmed and that was professionally remastered at Zenhiser in Australia. The downloadable beat packs are specific for the styles that were happening in every year of the 80s. Styles range from oldschool hiphop to house, from pop to new wave. Drummachines featured are the Roland TR-808, Linndrum, TR-707, TR-909, Oberheim DMX, Roland CR78, Drumulator and more.

All are supplied in 24 bit, 48 khz wav goodness and looped perfectly, all in several variations, with the BPM of each drum beat enclosed within the file name. Click on the thumbnails for more info and download at Zenhiser. They are royalty free for use in your musical productions or DJ'ing.

Roland TR808Roland TR909


Roland CR78Prophet 5 FX

1989 bundle